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Free Songs of the Month

...or however often we change them. 

Every month or so, we値l post three songs from our archives for your listening/downloading pleasure.  They値l be our original songs, including studio recordings, live performances and rough demos.  And they値l be in different styles, since they値l include our prior band incarnations.  We値l try to give you a sampling of several different types of songs in each set of three.  And then we値l rotate and post three different songs next time.


Latest News
Uh oh, it's been hard to keep this page up to date. Please check our blog and/or facebook page for the latest NMC news, thanks!

2015 UK Songwriting Contest

Damn - missed the deadline and didn't submit this year!

2014 UK Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist
Submitted "Cradle" this year.
  Haven't framed my certificate yet.

2013 UK Songwriting Contest Finalist
After having been selected as semifinalist in two categories in last year's contest, we thought we'd try our luck again.  This year, "Television Sky" was a finalist in the Adult Contemporary category.  Mike now has yet another lovely certificate, suitable for framing.

January 2014 Indie Artist on Internet radio
"I Was Born" was selected for airplay on Women Of Substance radio.  They will be playing it at approximately 1:30 PM EST every Wednesday in January, February and March in their Hot AC show.  You can listen online at  Please give our song a "thumbs-up" (upper left corner of live365 page) while it's playing to get it into the top 10 list, or (at any time) click Talk to me! link at bottom to tell DJ how much you like the song.  

Here's the station description, from their site:
"Women of Substance Radio has been on the air for 7 years. We broadcast 24/7 on the Live365 Network and iTunes Radio garnering fans from all over the world. WOSRadio plays the BEST female artists, both label and Indie, in all genres. We hand-pick all of our music starting with icons of the past like Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Tracy Chapman, Mariah Carey, No Doubt, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Michelle Branch, Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillat, Adele, Carrie Underwood, Amy Winehouse, Feist, Christina Perri and so many more. We take submissions from Indies and our review board selects only the best quality artists and songs that can stand up next to the aforementioned superstars. Indie artists we have chosen early in their career have gone on to be Top 24 on American Idol, win second place on the Bravo show Platinum Hit, and become a semi-finalist on NBC's The Voice."

No Strings Attached - Kids Songs for Philippine Relief CD
"I Was Born" was chosen as the opening song on this excellent fund-raiser CD.  All proceeds go to typhoon disaster relief, via UNICEF.  This is available as a CD or mp3 download via

Recording/Songwriting Updates

We're (still) working on completing the recordings for our next CD in our almost state-of-the-art home studio.  Don't they say, "The perfect is the enemy of the good"? Wonder what that means?  Clearly, we haven't figured that out yet.

Meanwhile, though, you can get detailed, up-to-date information on our recording activities and songwriting on the Recording / Songwriting Updates page of our blog.


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